Graphic Tips

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This lightning effect was created in Photoshop®

tip2-a.jpg (3373 bytes)

Open a new file, use the gradient tool (black to white)

and drag it from left to right.

tip2-b.jpg (8954 bytes)

Then go to your filters and use "difference clouds." its under render.

tip2-c.jpg (8288 bytes)

Then press Control-I to invert image.

tip2-d.jpg (8799 bytes)

Open the hue dialog box and select colorize in the right hand corner,

then move the saturation to under 25. Use the hue slider to get the color

you want.

tip2-e.jpg (8879 bytes)

Then select mode, "levels" and the dialogue box will open. (control L)

slide the middle triangle under the histogram, to the far right.

And now you have "Lightning" to use for an interesting

background or whatever.