Graphic Tips



This will be done in Photoshop®

Open a new document (you can make the background color to

to match you page) around 2"x2" (@72 dpi). Then create a new

layer and select it. Use your circle selection tool to make a circle

(hold down the shift key) Next, select your gradient tool and drag

it from bottom to top (depending which gradient you choose).

tip3.jpg (10137 bytes)

Next go to the Select menu and under Modify choose Contract, in the

dialogue box enter 5-10 pixels. Then drag your gradient tool the opposite

direction from what you did in the last step.

tip3a.jpg (11440 bytes)

Then add a drop shadow to the button. Depending on which version of

the program you are using this can be easy or more involved. (if you

have an older version E-Mail me and I will tell you how) select the

white with your magic wand tool then invert the selection. Select Layer,

Effects, Drop Shadow. Adjust the opacity until you get the effect you want.

(betreen 40 & 60%)

tip3b.jpg (11611 bytes)

Next take your type tool and type whatever you want on the button.

Then go to Layers, Effects, Bevel and Emboss, this was done using inner

bevel, you can experiment with some of the other effects. Emboss looks

good also.

tip3c.jpg (15417 bytes)

Now you have a 3D button to put wherever you want on your page.