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3D models and textures for free to download, Poser, Studio Max, Bryce, Lightwave, Maya, find all your modeling or game needs, links are for free 3D model and 3d programs.


To use any of the Mesh's you will find linked to this page ensure you have the right tools, below are some 3D file conversion programs and free modeling or render programs you might want to consider. Most of the links below that are for free 3D models, a few require payment.

Blender - free complete 3d game animation suite.
PolyTrans - Alias Triangle .tri, ACIS SAT .sat, .sab, Apple 3D Metafile .3dmf, .3dm, 3D Studio R4 .3ds 3D Studio MAX .max, CAD 3D .3d2, Detailer .vdu, DXF .dxf, Imagine .ima, Lightwave  .lw .bdf, NuGraf .flt, Pro/Engineer "Render .slp" .slp, Rhino-3D (Wavefront OBJ or IGES), SoftImage .hrc, Strata StudioPro v1.75 .vis, trueSpace .cob, .scn, USGS dem, VistaPro dem, Wavefront obj 
POV RAY - very good raytracing program (free)
PlantStudio Botanical Illustration Software is a tool for creating 3D plant models and 2D illustrations.
3D Canvas from Amabilis is a freeware real-time 3D modeling and animation tool that incorporates an intuitive drag-and-drop approach to 3D modeling. It is possible to upgrade from the free version to professional versions, 3D Canvas Pro and Plus
Wings 3D Wings 3D is an open-source polygon mesh modeler with an user interface that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users. You can create good models from scratch or work with imported ones
123D free modeling software
Princeton Shape and Analysis Group 3D Model Search engine
Carrara 8  Free 3D Models  Bryce - The First Name in 3D Landscapes 
Most up to date Special Offers on Corel Software? 


3Dinsider Learn how to design 3D models in CAD. You can also learn about how to build these models with a 3D printer.
Archive 3D Free 20,000+ models
BamBam 131 - Bryce space ships and some other unworldly objects
Baument Enterprises Some free models, mostly the monthly one.
Buck Rogers - Poser - Lots of models - Sci-fi and others.
CADalyst 3D Grafix
CG files they buy and sell 3d models, also some free models and tutorials.
DigiGraph Technical DXF 3DS DGN OBJ RAW TSB WRL Appliances . Electronics . Furniture . Fixtures .Tools . Toys . Structures . Vehicles
DPT Rapid Prototype Rapid Prototyping of CAD files using stereolithography, selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, and injection molding.
DMI car models - free 3d car models
Es3dstudios undertake custom modeling jobs, and have a growing library of pre-made models.  They also have a free section with a couple of sample products.
Everything4Maya lots of free Maya models
Falling Pixel 3D Models - online resource for professional high quality 3d models and textures.
Fantasy Multimedia - Tutorials and some alpha mapped trees, leaves and other folage.

Flat Pyramid is 3D marketplace were digital artists can get ready-made 3D content, for free download and also for purchase. Digital artists/studios can also license their 3D content and earn significant revenue.

INNOVARI -Here you can find many free objects for Bryce.
Klicker some free 3d models, people, trees, furniture.
Lynes Creations animal models, poser morphs and more!
Mesh Factory A few free models
Models By Steve Lareau DXF if you cannot find the model you are looking for on any of the other pages email Steve he may be able to help....
Model Master’s Airplanes Automobiles Architecture Chairs Character Desk Exercise Heavy Equip Helicopters Military Sports Shelving Trains Trucks (not free)
Na´t Arab ZinÚdine A book, a candle, a highly detailed hand.
Nasa These models are for anybody that uses a 3D software package. Most of the models are in the common .3ds format, which can be read by most 3D programs.
Other Worlds Furniture . Spaceships . Vehicles . Equipment . Poser Hair
Plan It 3D Lots of models and a few things for poser.
PianoDavy True Space .cob models and avatars, used in Activeworlds type 3d environments
Psionic's 3D Game Resources Free resources for 2D/3D Games, Art Tutorials, Forums, Games, Links, etc.
Shadow Gap Architectural Visualization creates stunning, photo-realistic architectural visualizations. Based in Melbourne, Australia.
ShareCG Comprehensive resource for computer graphic and 3D artists, including free tutorials, 3D models, textures, materials, shaders, plug-ins, scripts, plug-ins, and software.
Star Trek mesh collection
Star War Meshes Star Wars meshes in Cinema4D Format
Ted Kyte 3D models, some free textures.
The 2001: A Space Odyssey 3D Model Archive spacecraft from 2001
Total Models Free models & meshes - 12 catagories with over 200 quality meshes in many formats
Treasure's d'Esprit: Vue materials and models
Wg3d poser models and props
WireCASE LTD 3D Models, Textures, Interior and Exterior scenes by Giimann in Autodesk 3D Studio MAX, 3DS, Lightwave LWO, Alias FBX, Maxon C4D and Maya file formats
Zygote Including Poser Models DXF Anatomy . Animals . Characters . Cloths . Furniture . Humans . Sport . Tools .
3D CAF╔ DXF 3DMF 3DS  Aircraft . Anatomy . Animals . Architecture . Computers . Electric . Environments . General Geography . Horror . Household . Industrial . Military . Music . Plants SCI-FI . Sport
3D02 a few free models for download
3D Chaya - Tradition of Japan. Buddhist temple. Shintoism shrine, ect.
3D Collections Lots of furnature and interior lighting
3D Models  3d models, Texture, Animation, Computer Graphics and Visual Effects
3D Digest Free models, textures and tutorials
3D Export You can buy high quality model or start to sell own models and to earn money!
3D Lands A number of  3ds models, a few others too
3D Lapidary DXF Models of GemStones
3DM Lots of free models
3D Magic Models - Daily New 3d Models and all are free to download.
3D models - Find 3D models - its as easy as 1 2 3D !
3D Model World - Poser and Bryce models.
3D Plants Resource for 3D plants, free model every month.
3D Resources - Free models for 3ds max, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, and Milkshape
3d.sk is a provider of photo references for each 3D/2D artists, hobby artist or freelancers as well as  the game developers and graphic studios.
3d Virtual Tour - Global 3D Arts has been working in this way with architects and developers for over 20 years.



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